Friday, 16 October 2015

Recycled Denim Jeans

I've been 'missing in action' lately because I've been trying out different things.  As I've said in my profile I LOVE all crafting, so have recently gone back to my roots a bit and have been doing some more sewing.  I really hate waste so I love to reuse or recycle whenever I can.  I get a daily update from Whoot where they have fantastic crafts, recipes etc with LOTS of recycling ideas.

I LOVE these recycled demin jeans, which I purchased ridiculously cheaply at our local Hospice shop.  Firstly I tried these out on a pair of my old jeans after seeing the idea here. 

Making the full apron uses the front, back pocket & the bottom of 1 leg, while the smaller 'gardening apron' uses the backside & belt of another pair.  Sadly both styles cannot be made from one pair unless you don't have the waistband on the full apron (which would spoil the whole effect).
This one is my favourite, which I'll probably have to keep for myself, very closely followed by this next one.


 I tried several different styles, as we all like different things, with the following being much plainer.

 These half 'gardening aprons' are proving very popular, providing handy pockets for all your bits and pieces when in the garden.  I love using the 'grungier' jeans for these and have also tried to use jeans with labels still attached.


Again some of these ones have purposely been left plainer to hopefully cater for all tastes. 
These are all available for sale for my New Zealand friends as I am making these to be sold at upcoming pre xmas markets.  If you are interested in making a purchase please just leave me a comment (which if you choose will not be published). Wish me luck.