Wednesday, 10 February 2016

More uses for Denim

The ways one can reuse denim jeans seem to be endless.  Today I'm sharing yet more fun ideas using up all the smaller scraps of denim.


I'm loving decorating these old tin cans, effectively turning them into a very useable item rather than sending them to the rubbish.  These are mostly pet food tins, with the larger one being a biscuit tin.

This bunting was originally made with a Christmas theme to help decorate my house for the festive season.  The colour scheme in my living area is lemon & blue so denim is a perfect match.  This bunting will now adorn the gazebo I'll use at the markets.

Presently I'm busy cutting lots of shapes using the larger dies, these die cuts will be used to decorate future tins.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Denim Bags

Although I don't appear to be doing a lot of crafting at the moment, I am infact ticking away with my latest interest which is making all sorts out of old denim jeans.  As well as making the denim aprons I've also turned the legs of the jeans into these awesome bags.

Out of 2 pairs of jeans I can make 1 large apron, 1 garden apron & 3 bags.  Pre xmas I made my first lot of bags which sold like hot cakes.

Because of more interest in these I've just made another lot, some of which are already on their way to Australia.

These are all fully lined with a cotton fabric, and as you can see have a fancy side and a plainer side which has a pocket on for a bit of interest.  Most of the handles are either from the hem of the jeans or the waistband.

These are really fun to make, and are fulfilling my desire to recycle cleverly.  When I have sufficient stock I will be selling these at local markets.