Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Halloween Flowers

Today I'm sharing some flowers I've just made for a Halloween swap at Artistic Creationz.  These will be going to Sue, I hope she will be able to use them.  As they are layered up, I have actually made them so she can pull them apart if she wants and use each individual layer as a separate flower.

These yo-yo flowers are all made from satin fabric, with a black lace layer in the middle.  The orange one has one of my little crocheted flowers as its top layer, then they are all finished with a small black mini rose as the cherry on the top. 
The box is just a bit of cardstock with lovely Halloween paper attached.  I will tie it all together with black ribbon.
As I mentioned above each layer is attached with a glue dot, so if she wishes it won't be too hard to actually pull these apart and use each layer separately.  I hope she likes these as much as I've enjoyed making them.

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