Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Winter Chores

Not very much crafting has been going on this last week, as the weather has been unseasonably fine and warm.  I've made the most of it (and the fact that I've only worked 2 days these last 2 weeks), and have got stuck into cleaning up my vegetable garden, getting it weeded, limed, green crop dug in, and finally mulched with LOVELY cowshed manure and sawdust.  Now it has plenty of time to rest and let the worms work their magic.  Come spring the plants should just take off. 

I am extremely lucky to have lovely volcanic soil, so my garden does grow easily as long as it gets plenty of water and mulch through the summer  (Note the 2 big compost bins in the background).  I try to grow all my vegetables but sadly with the humidity we get through the summer I am now struggling to grow tomatoes and potatoes.  I don't like to spray too much and am now finding it just too hard to get good crops off these without fighting blight.

Here it is at the end of summer in all its glory.  And yes I DO use the umbrella in the garden, generally over me when I'm out working in the sun of course.  I really enjoy working in my garden, it is a great stress release for me I find.

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