Sunday, 7 July 2013

Toasty Warm Feet

Many years ago, at a craft show, market or somewhere similar,  I came across this fantastic idea for warming up your feet.  I have always suffered from cold feet so just had to have a pair.  I use them nearly every night during winter, while sitting watching TV, or at the computer (basically everywhere while sitting still).  All who have seen them are also very impressed, so I have managed to make up my own pattern and have given them away as gifts. 


These are actually wheat bags made into slipper form.  Just heat them in the microwave as you would a wheat bag, and hey presto cosy, warm feet.  You could also chill them in the freezer and use them to cool your hot feet if you wanted. 
I wouldn't be without them.


  1. What a great idea Brenda, love them.

  2. Yep and I loved mine they are in storage still for this year tho so am noticing that I don't have them, so went and got myself good old 10 dollar slippers from the wharehouse. Roll on next year when we have our own house (well fingers crossed)