Saturday, 26 April 2014

Stunning Satin Rose

Recently I've been asked by a few fellow crafters to do some tutorials on the flowers I've been making, so to get the ball rolling here's the most recent flower I've made that has impressed.

All that's needed is your trusty hot glue gun, 3-4 stamens, a flower die in 2 sizes & a tool for twisting the petals - I use a toothpick.

I've started by cutting 6 large & 6 small flowers with my TH Tattered Florals die, you can easily use any other die, I've used Spellbinders dies that work well also. It is even ok to cut freehand, flowers with 5 or 6 petals.  Here I have 1 burlap, 1 tulle, and 4 satin.  I like to use the burlap (which has been stiffened with Modge Podge) as my base, I find it gives good strength & stability.  It really doesn't matter if the colour doesn't match perfectly as its not really seen.

Prepare the burlap flowers by cutting between 2 petals down to the centre only, cut the top half off one petal, then pull the neighbouring petal over and glue down - this creates a slightly cupped flower.  Using the toothpick curl the petals outwards.

Next take your satin flowers, put a tiny dab of glue off centre then fold in half off setting the petals, then dot of glue again before folding again into quarters.  Continue this way with all 8 satin flowers.

Again by just using a small dab of hot glue attach all 4 satin quarters into your burlap flower.  Make sure when doing your small flower to leave a small whole in the centre if you are using stamens.

Glue on the tulle, then thread thru and attach the stamens.

With the small flower glued inside the large, give everything a good wriggle around to arrange the petals as you wish.  Play with the burlap to help give dimension to the flower. 
Use your imagination & try different combinations of colours, fabric, laces, doilies or centres to create your own individual masterpieces, which can be custom made to match any project.
I hope you will find this useful.  Please leave a comment so I know my efforts have been appreciated.


  1. you make it look so easy Brenda. Great tutorial

  2. Great tutorial thank you Brenda, will have to give a go now.