Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Xmas shortbread

Sorry I've been away from here for a wee while, having a bit of a break from crafting to concentrate on my garden for a change.  Everything has slowed down in the crafting world for a week or three, so its now catch up time. 
Today I'm sharing with you the small xmas gifts I made for everyone at work.

The ladies were all given a small bag of homemade shortbread, while the men received 'Snowman Poop'.  All were gratiously received.  Below is the template to create the 'wrapper' around the shortbread, while many tutorials can be found on Pinterest for the Snowman Poop and others.
Fold at the dotted lines, then cut a 'window' in the front.  Here I've used a Fiskars Oval template sized 2.0" x 2.5", then using a circle punch make a small slot for the plastic bag to slip thru the top.  Attach the shortbread (or similar) then create the packaging around it.  Decorate as desired.
Simple but very much appreciated, with minimal cost.

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