Saturday, 21 September 2013

Crazy Collage

Wow I cannot believe I actually created this!!! For someone who can't draw to save themselves, I am very impressed.  This is a page I've made in Fiona's Art Journal, which is the 1st of the monthly journals I will be contributing to with Creative Dreams

This is SUCH a crazy style.  Artists Teesha Moore & Jane Davenport are doing this crazy collage on You Tube, and now having done it I find you don't actually have to be an artist to create these masterpieces.  All you need is glossy magazines, pens, and a bit of paint . . . . . . and CRAZY imagination. 
This is definitely a style that I will be tempted to do again, and once you have a supply of glossy pictures in your stash, its surprisingly quick to actually put together.
Please follow my journey through the next 12 months as I contribute to all the other ladies journals as they arrive.

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